Hope For The Holidays 2015

Please Help The Transformation Center This Holiday Season


Please help by giving to the Transformation Center to help us Give Hope for the Holidays.

3 ways you can help.

  • Please send a tax deductible gift to – The Transformation Center @ 7209 Hamilton Acres Circle, Chattanooga, TN 37421
  • Give online at www.thetransformationcenter.org
  • Go to www.igive.com and register.  When you make online purchases that support igive.com they will make a donation to the Transformation Center, Chattanooga Tn

One Day Can Change Everything

For to us a child is born,    to us a

One day changed the world.  The day that Jesus was born changed the world.  Stop for a moment and think of all things in the world that would be different if that day had not happened.  As you begin to move closer to Christmas and the end of this year.  Allow the wonder and the gift of the day that Christ came to the world to give you the courage to create days that can change your marriage and your children this next year.