Tomorrow Is Not the Solution


We are always building something.  The problem is most of the time we are building careers and building our bank account but we seem to never get around to building our marriage, until we get in a crisis.

Sometimes the most dangerous word in any relationship, especially marriage is…. Tomorrow

We all begin to believe, “After all… tomorrow is another day” we will deal with this tomorrow. Tomorrow you will go on a date night. Tomorrow you will find a babysitter and spend quality time together. Tomorrow you will be home from work on time. Tomorrow you will sit down for dinner together. Tomorrow you will work on your budget. Tomorrow you’ll take time for sexual intimacy. Tomorrow you’ll resolve that conflict.

Tomorrow you promise yourself will be different, yet tomorrow is too often a repetition of today. Tomorrow always promises more than it delivers and delays the marriage you truly desire.

Most marriages are nearly destroyed by, “tomorrow.” Tomorrow we’ll go to counseling. Tomorrow we’ll make time for each other. Tomorrow we’ll make changes. Tomorrow we’ll be intentional…until there was almost no tomorrow.

We can’t get better at anything today by waiting until tomorrow. Pushing things to tomorrow creates the “under promise and over deliver” sham.  It doesn’t work.

Today is the day to:

  • Go for a walk
  • Send that text over lunch saying you miss her / him
  • Set media aside for an hour and talk
  • Go see a movie or date night
  • Have dinner around the table and not on the couch

Do something different, so you can have something different.

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