5 Things To Help You Move On


Sometimes we have to move on.  Whether it is pain, regret or the hope of something more, we need to trust that God is with us.  My daily leap is to trust that God is really with me, and that He will work all things together for my good.  I choose to believe daily that this is true and not a cliche.  Here are some ideas to jump start moving on:

  1. Make clear goals – If you don’t have any current goals, there isn’t any place to go.  When we loose hope we loose sight of the future.  Create small goals and slowly build confidence again.
  2. Try new things in relevant areas –  The idea is to not to get overwhelmed trying to make a wholesale change but to try something a little different.  Learn to break it down into small pieces or steps.
  3. Keep yourself open to new ideas – Look at the usual places and also from places where you would not normally be sourcing them. Old sources are not always the best places to find new ideas.
  4. Be willing to risk again – Avoid at all cost saying or thinking “I tried it before and it didn’t work.”  What can you do differently this time?
  5. Don’t withdraw – “I’ll do it later” is another way of avoiding pain or risk.  To find life you have to move toward something not just away. Don’t just remove the bad.  You need to move toward something good not just remove the bad.  Have the courage to create good relationships or experiences. Procrastination means you’re stealing precious time from yourself.

I have found that two things help to clear my head and heart so I can see God’s glory.  Forgiveness and Gratitude.  Daily make the choice to practice both so you can move toward life.

  1. Forgive – Forgiveness allows you to give God the past so you can live in the present with him.  In unforgiveness you rehearse the past in your head.  Arguing with people in your head and replaying events in your mind.  Forgiveness helps you to live fully alive, safe and strong in God’s presence.  Sometimes to move forward you have to forgive yourself.  Let go and trust God and yourself so you can move forward again.
  2. Gratitude – Gratitude is an authentic appreciation for all that we have in our lives.  A thankful heart helps us live longer, feel better and create positive connections in the world around us. Each day look for things that can focus your heart toward life giving gratitude.

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