5 Ways to Love Your Husband

What counts in making a happy marriage is not so much howcompatible you are, but how you deal with incompatibility.Leo Tolstoy

Ladies you will never develop a closer relationship to your man by talking to him like one of your girlfriends. He has needs that may be different then yours. Men really do want a closer more connected relationship.  Love is not about better communication it is about connection.  Here are 5 things that can help him to move closer and feel connected.

  1. He feels respected and admired by you. Love and respect really is the key to loving him, they go hand in hand. Feeling admired by the one you love enhances self-esteem; it renews both sexual and emotional connection between you two.
  2. He never feels humiliated or belittled by you. When you are upset don’t resort to personal attacks. he needs to feel safe and open to hearing your reasons for being angry.  Remember you can only control yourself not him.
  3. He trusts you to let go of the past. You don’t hold grudges, keep score or consistently feel victimized by life. This makes your marriage flexible rather than rigid, exciting rather than dull and open for a future of growing together.
  4. He knows that he’s a top priority in your life. Your husband wants to know he’s important and a priority to you. He’s is willing to take a backseat to all you do and he’s confident that when he seriously needs you, you’ll be there for him 100%.
  5. He knows that you desire him because you express that desire sexually. No matter how much your husband  enjoys sex, it’s a turnoff to feel like he’s the only one interested.
  6. He likes that you care about looking attractive in your own way. He doesn’t expect you to look like a movie  starlet, but seeing that you care about your appearance makes him feel you value yourself and the relationship.

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