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Your Words and Behavior Should Match


Love is behavioral, real love the kind that lasts is more than just an emotion, it is an action. Yes it should include the chemistry of attraction and feelings but, if it is to last it must have actions of kindness, compassion and service.  If you talk about how much you love something or someone and your behavior doesn’t match that is a flag that needs to be noticed.  The problem is something is out of balance.  Here a couple possibility:

  1. Your Life Is Out Of Balance – To stressed, to tired and no time with the things that matter the most.
    1. Spend time with yourself – You need time to reflect and listen to your own heart.
    2. Spend time with your friends – You need time with people that love and believe in you.
    3. Spend time with God – You have to spend time with God through worship, study and prayer to truly know that you are loved and enjoyed.
    4. Love Should be an overflow – Love should be an overflow of the love that you have for God and yourself.  If you struggle to show and give real love, examine your relationship with God and yourself.  You might be surprised at what you find.
  2. Hurting People Close Off – Pain makes us isolate and distorts or understanding of ourselves, God and others.  You have to move toward people and God to make sense of your pain.  Moving toward people and God, to serve them and love them, many times will give you better perspective and understanding.
  3. Rest and Play – Many times our problem is just compassion fatigue.  Step away to play and connect to what matters most.


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