Together – Marriage Tip # 3

Coming Together is the beginning.

Coming Together is the beginning.  Keeping Together is progress.  Working Together is success.” – Henry Ford.

Together is a wonderful thing.  It should be the goal, we should settle for nothing less. We were NOT meant to be alone.  Life will pull you apart. Busyness will create separate goals.  You have to work at creating connected relationships that celebrate and enjoy being together.  Here are five simple ways to Connect Together.  

  • Eat Together – You have to eat, make it a shared experience.  
  • Try To Go To Bed Together – The shared experience of sleeping together is one of the experiences you should only have with your spouse. Learn to enjoying “spooning” together if only for a few minutes each night.  Non-sexual touch is vital for the health of the relationship.    
  • Date Night – Create time together for a date night in the house, like movies and popcorn sitting together on the sofa, or even better, plan a date out.  
  • Work On Projects Together – The common goal of working and accomplishing something together is important.  
  • Commit To Trying New Things – Try new food, places and music.  Be flexible and try new things.  We encourage our children to do this. Why do we stop?  The joy of something new can help you feel connected together.  

Connecting together takes work and effort. It should be enjoyable work.  The effort has to be intentional, consistent and fun. What things would you add to the list?  

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