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5 ways to proactively bless your spouse and family

do something

Every day you should begin with a vision for where you want to go.  The goal is to be proactive not reactive.  This is a common business idea – Begin with the end in mind – Stephen Covey.  Does this idea work in relationships?  Here are five small things you can do that will proactively bless your spouse and family:

  1. Pray every day, especially for each other.  You will be amazed how God will soften and change your heart if you make this a priority.
  2. Use Scripture as your first “go to” for help.  Read Ephesians 5, 1 Peter 3. Psalms 23, Proverbs 3:5-6, They will be a good start.
  3. Always greet each other with excitement – The power of greeting is amazing.  Your family should know this is the place you want to be. The excitement and joy you show when you greet can be a powerful way of showing love.
  4. Forgive freely – Col. 3:13.- The journey of marriage and family requires you to forgive freely and frequently.  Never stop – don’t let unforgiveness come between you.  Let it go, God will take care of it.
  5. Your Priorities… God, spouse, kids – Your priorities should be in this order.  We usually make them kids, God, spouse.  I realize your kids need you and you have to provide nurture and care but….the best thing you can do is love God and your spouse well.  When you take time for your spiritual well being and your marriage, your children naturally benefit from the fulfilled you.

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2 thoughts on “Do Something

  1. Great encouragement, Mark! I whole-heartedly agree. I’m in process developing my life plan with the help of Michael Hyatt and Daniel Hurkavy’s new book. “Living Forward” book. Your post affirms what I’m reflecting on! Keep up the great work you’re doing.