Every Marriage

If you want something to last a lifetime you will treat it differently


We are surprised when relationships become difficult.  It is confusing for some couples how something that used to feel so natural and easy starts to struggle.  Don’t be surprised when you have to work at the relationship to keep it vibrant.  The “work” of marriage is compromise and connection.

  • Compromise – You both have an opinion and a preference. You don’t want to marry someone just like you, because your differences create attraction.  Every marriage will need to learn how to compromise. You will not always get your way.
  • Connection – The area that surprises people the most is staying connected and close.  The busyness of life pulls us apart making connection a constant struggle. Lean to be intentional with time together.  Intimacy is shared experiences together, so create experiences that include laughter, play and touch.

A great marriage is when two people work together and create compromise and connection.

If you want something to last a lifetime, you treat it differently.  You will protect it from the elements.  You will give it the care it needs.  If something breaks you will repair it – you will not avoid it, or scream at it.  It will become more special over time because of all the effort you have put into it.  It will become more beautiful as it ages.  Marriage should be no different, make it last a lifetime.  Have the marriage that others admire in a way that makes them ask questions about God.


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