What’s God Doing with My Life?

What's God Doing With My Life-

“We are a Divine work of art, something that God is making and therefore something with which He will not be satisfied until it has a certain character.” C.S. Lewis – The Problem of Pain


In the pain and joy of my life…especially the pain of my life.  I find that the question “What’s God doing with my life?” always floats into my head.  I have a Father in heaven that is involved and concerned with me.  What is He doing?  Has he forgot about me?  I don’t think we have concrete answer to these questions.  Job and Isaiah can attest to that.  But God is doing something.  I am convinced that He is constantly working in our lives. He is orchestrating and directing the world so two things will always happen:

He will be Glorified by my life

He will form me into the image of Christ



The question I now ask myself often sounds something like, “God how will you be glorified in my life, in my situation?” “Will it be by a miraculous change or healing?”  Or “Will it be because your grace follows through me in such a way that people see strength and wisdom that’s has to come from you?”  I am convinced that somehow God will be glorified.

The second question I usually ask sounds something like, “How will you use this to form Christlikeness in me?”. Or “How will this grow the fruit of the spirit in my life?”  Nothing in our lives is aimless!  God will use all things in our lives to bring good to us.  The problem is aligning my definition of good to His definition of good.
His definition of good is for all things to bring him glory and for me to be formed into the image of Christ.
This sounds hard. How does this work in your life? My prayer and hope is this comes when you need it most.

Interesting article by John Piper about how we will be glorified for the Glory of God




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