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If you truly love something a desire to care for it and nurture it is a natural response.  You put energy, time and money into what you love.  Marriage is no different.  We live in a world that weakens the marital bond and connection.  We are too busy, too stressed and too tired.  So even if you love your marriage and spouse your lifestyle slowly neglects it and weakens it.
Most people give less focused attention and clock time to their marriage than to other things they would say were less important.  With the goal of helping you learn how to care for and nurture we have created a marriage conference called Connected Together.

Connected Together Marriage Conference is designed with these things in mind.  I don’t want to just give you another thing to do.  I think we have created an experience that will give you helpful and practical information.  I don’t want to give you just another meeting, but I do want to help you to develop skills that will impact your marriage.

Now I know I just said that we are all too tired too busy and too stressed, isn’t a marriage conference going to make me feel more of that?  No….here’s why, anytime that you create more skills or improve your attitude and outlook, it energizes you, it gives you hope and a new vision.  My goal when I work with couples is to make marriage easier and give them hope.  If you create skills and hope in any area of your life you will feel less tired and stressed.
In October we will be doing a marriage conference at City Church of Chattanooga.  This event is designed to increase your skills and enjoyment in marriage.  The ideas and topics will help you with what I think are the two main components of marriage: compromise and connection.  This conference will be fun, interactive and informative helping you and your partner to develop abilities and attitudes that will increase your connection.  That’s why I am calling it Connected Together.  Here is the specific information.
Connected Together Marriage

Connected Together Marriage Conference

When    October 17th 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm; October 18th 9:00 am – 12:00 noon
Cost $65 a couple; $35 for individual We are really excited about helping your marriage in October.  
Please make plans to attend.  We will continue to post more information as we get closer.

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