If You Truly Love Something

You Will Nurture It

If You Truly Love Something You will Nurture It

If you truly love something, a desire to care for it and nurture it is a natural response.  You put energy, time and money into what you love.  Marriage is no different, it needs care and attention. If you nurture your marriage it will grow with contentment and happiness. The problem is that we live in a world that weakens the marital bond and connection.  We are too busy, too stressed and too tired.  So even if you love your marriage and spouse your lifestyle slowly neglects it and weakens it. Most people give less focused attention and clock time to their marriage than to other things they would say were less important.
So, are you just stuck, or are there some things that busy people can do to nurture and strengthen their marriage.
  • Keep A Community Around You – Your friends and family are vital to the health of your relationships.  The community around you is so important that couples that elope are 12.5 times more likely to divorce than couples that have 200 or more people at their wedding.  I think the significance of this research is that we need a community to make life and marriage better.  We are designed to live in relationship with people.  The “one another” info graphic below gives a good picture on how we are to live with one another.
  • Protect Trust A All Cost – Building and creating trust in any relationship is a critical requirement. Relationships are built on the belief that people are going to do what they say and the mean what they say. Trust is the foundation that holds a marriage up. We tell each other what is important and what is expected to create love and respect.  From this place of trust we give each other our thoughts and feelings.  If you break this agreement and deceive each other problems are created. It is possible to create trust again with effort over time.  Partners have to understand the importance of honoring an agreement, and the importance of protecting, or the relationship with deteriorate over time.

Here are some posts from the past with ideas to help.  The ideas and topics will help you with what I think are the two main components of marriage: compromise and connection.

Nurture your marriage.  It will create fruit that you will enjoy for a lifetime.

Infographic: all the one another commands in the New Testament


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