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A book for clients, written by a client

Counseling Client, written by Tyler Orr and Mark Carpenter is designed to help people get more from the process of counseling. Counseling Client informs and guides the reader to actively participate with a counselor and be the agent of change in his or her own life. The book can be used both in and out of therapy. Counseling Client is unique because it is written from the perspective of a client. Numerous self-help and how-to books cover topics similar to the ones in our table of contents, but Counseling Client is much more than a self-help or how-to book. It’s an extension of the counseling process—a complementary guide to help clients not only be more effective during therapy sessions, but to also continue therapeutic work between appointments. Counseling Client merges the proactive aspects of self-help with the healing power of the client/therapist bond and inspires the client to progress actively and confidently through every stage of the counseling process. There is a need in counseling literature for a book that helps clients succeed in counseling. Counseling Client addresses this need: a book for clients, written by a client.

The book is divided into two parts. The table of contents is listed below.

  • Part 1 – The goal is to help you get the most out of counseling.  This section explains how counseling works and how to partner with the counselor to get the most out the journey of counseling.
  • Part 2 – The goal is to give you tools to help you grow.  This section has specific tools to help with anxiety and depression.  You can read these chapter now.

Below you can get the chapters from Part 2, but you can get the whole kindle book at Amazon.  Here is the benefit of buying the  book online:

  • You get Part 1 of the book. See the chapters below.
  • Graphs that explains the chapters visually.
  • Audio files that you guide you through relaxation and mindfulness exercises.

First and foremost we want the book to help people.  Please download the chapters below and use the information to help you grow.  Purchase the  book at Amazon to get the rest.

Part 1

Chapter 1 Do I Need Counseling? 

Chapter 2 Who Should I See? 

Chapter 3 What Should I expect? 

Part 2

Chapter 4 What Are the Big 4? 

Chapter 5 How Important Is Relaxation? 

Chapter 6 What Is Mindfulness? 

Chapter 7 How Important Is Journaling?

Chapter 8 What Is Self-Talk?

Chapter 9 How Might I Expect to Change? 

Counselor/Client Exchange 

What Is Mindfulness

What is self talk


What Arethe Big 4-

what is relaxation