Tools To Help You Learn And Grow

Frank Zappa was fond of saying, “So many books, so little time.” If you are a couple longing to grow more connected together you need to have the heart of a learner.  I’d like to introduce you to some top books, videos and articles that are tested and provide a plethora of takeaways that will catapult you into a more effective and connected marriage, family and relationship with God.  If you don’t know what resources or books to read, this is an awesome list to start with.

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Here are some resources on different categories


Sacred Marriage – By Gary Thomas – This is my favorite book on marriage.  It does a great job of helping you put the struggles of marriage into perspective.  God is using your marriage to form Christlikness in you.  The subtitle of the book is “what if God designed marriage to make you holy not to make you happy”.

Loved and Respect – By Emerson Eggerichs – Great book that describes the crazy conflict cycle that many couples can get into.

Spiritual Growth:

Falling For God – By Gary Moon – The chapter on listening to God is worth the price of the book.

Everything Belongs – By Richard Rohr – Simple little book on helping you surrender to God.

Spirit Of The Disciplines – By Dallas Willard – Dallas does a wonderful job explaining the spiritual disciplines and how to apply them to your life.


Counseling Client – Tyler Orr and Mark Carpenter: a book for clients, written by a client.  This is a book to help you grow during and after the counseling process.  You can read more about this book at our Counseling Client page.


The Gift of Imperfection by Brene Brown

Rising Strong by Brene Brown


Videos by Dr Brene Brown on shame