10 Things That Will Improve Your Marriage NOW

10 Things

Often I get questions like “what can I do now that will help to improve my marriage?”  Most real changes take time. To find happiness with your spouse you need to be willing to put in effort. The challenges that every relationship has will help you develop character.


Here is a quick list of some fun easy things you can do that will impact your marriage.


  1. Pray with Your Spouse – Prayer will increase connection with your spouse.  You will understand their heart and needs more when you go to God together.
  2. Laugh More – Laughter is the best medicine for any relationship.  Play together and laugh often.
  3. Schedule Sex – I know this seems very unromantic.  The only thing less romantic is no sex.  Many people have good intentions but when they lay down at night they are too tired. They don’t have anything left at the end of the day. Make it a priority and schedule it.
  4. Hold Hands – Non-sexual touch is vital.  It is how you express affection and concern.
  5. Greet Each Other with Excitement – Your goal is to do better than your dog when your spouse comes home.  Just don’t pee on the floor.
  6. Always Thank the Other Person – You have to focus on the positive in the relationship.  Saying “Thank You” often will help you to look for the positive in your spouse.
  7. Say “I Love You Often” – You need to say “I love you” with your actions and words often.  You can’t say this too many times.
  8. Encourage Your Spouse – You need to know that they believe in you.
  9. Kiss Them Often and Well – I am not talking about a make out session or foreplay.  Just add another 10 seconds to your goodbye and hello kiss.  Or even add some kissing during commercials. Kissing for the purpose of affection not trying to create a sexual experience.
  10. Talk – Spend time each day talking about your life.  Don’t spend all of your time talking about problems.
  11. Apologize and Forgive Freely – To stay connected together you must forgive often.  When a fight happens and you are both wrong, don’t wait for the other.  Let the more mature ask and give forgiveness first.


Marriage is a beautiful gift from God.  Stay positive and move toward your spouse with kindness and understanding and you will see the results.


Exciting News


I also want to give some exciting news.  In October we will be doing a marriage conference at City Church of Chattanooga.  This event is designed to increase your skills and enjoyment in marriage.  The ideas and topics will help you with what I think are the two main components of marriage: compromise and connection.  This conference will be fun, interactive and informative helping you and your partner to develop abilities and attitudes that will increase your connection.  That’s why I am calling it Connected Together.  Here is the specific information.


Connected Together Marriage Conference


Where   City Church of Chattanooga

When     October 17th 6:30 PM – 9:00 PM; October 18th 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Cost        $65 a couple


We are really excited about helping your marriage in October.  Please make plans to attend.  We will continue to post more information as we get closer.

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