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We do not quit playing because we grow (1)

“We do not quit playing because we grow old, we grow old because we quit playing.” Oliver Wendell Homes

Every couple needs to play.  This is how many couples connect.  I know this may sound superficial, but when you begin to struggle with conflict or communication, take the time to create the soil that will bring change by playing and connecting first.  Before you go to the table to talk, go to the sofa and play first.  You have to play many problems away before you try to talk them through.  Many conflicts will shrink if you take the time to connect and play.

Over the years my wife and I have learned that when we seem to misunderstand each other and start to struggle it is because we have stopped playing.  Life and stress pulls us apart, the results are that we struggle with differences that in the long run just don’t matter.

The core of connection is built around shared experiences where you laugh, play, encourage, affirm and non-sexually touch.  Here are several related posts – 3 Ways to Help Grow the Emotional Bond in Marriage10 Things That Can Change Your Marriage This Year

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