Happily Married

Learn To Love Your Marriage

If you truly love something

If You take care of your marriage you get benefits.  People who are happily married have:

  • better health,
  • less disease,
  • improved emotional stability,
  • happier children who learn better and out perform children of divorce across the board,
  • feel better about themselves,
  • are happier,
  • earn more money
  • and live longer!

I’ve never met a couple yet that wanted their relationship to fail, but so many do.  You can learn to nurture you marriage so it will grow.  Here are some ideas to help you grow:

When you truly love something, a desire to care for it and nurture it is a natural response.  You put energy, time and money into what you love.  Your marriage is no different, it needs care and attention. When you nurture your marriage it will grow with contentment and happiness. The problem is that we live in a world that weakens the marital connection.  We are too busy, too stressed and too tired.  So even if you love your marriage and spouse your lifestyle slowly neglects it and weakens it. Don’t be discouraged, make it a priority to care for your marriage.  Be intentional daily to do small things that show your spouse you appreciate and value them.
Here are a couple things that can help you care for your marriage:
  1. More Than Just A Date Night – Research shows that trying something new, creating new experiences together, makes you feel more connected. Instead of going out to dinner, learn something new together or take up a new hobby. Make sure you’re having fun with your spouse.
  2. Look For The Little Things – It’s the little things that make a big difference in a marriage. Taking the time to brew coffee in the morning makes your spouse feel loved and appreciated.  Every day we make small efforts and requests for our spouses attention and affection.  Look for the small things that your spouse does and respond to them.  Find small ways to serve your spouse. Care for your marriage by waking up every day looking for the small things to keep you connected.


Here are some posts from the past with ideas to help.  The ideas and topics will help you with what I think are the two main components of marriage: compromise and connection.

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